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Over For Another Year

We had a great time this year at Continuum 9. There were so many informative and entertaining panels. Our especial favourites were:

Still Stranger than Fiction, with Hespa, Michelle Goldsmith, Gareth Hodges and Ben McKenzie taking a look at real weird creatures including a pink slug, hermaphrodite slug sex, the strange lifestyle of the jellyfish, a tiny tiny frog, the bizarre sexual practices of certain fish, and many others, all terrific material for future stories.

Silence in the Library with Liz Barr, George Ivanoff, Ben McKenzie, and John Richards, looking at lots of books about Doctor Who.

And Stepping on Butterflies with Kathryn Andersen, Eliza Bentley, Russell Blackford, Paul Poulton, and Dirk Strasser on time travel, which has led me to look up all those old time travel stories that I love. I nearly went crazy trying to work out the logic of 'All You Zombies - ' by Robert Heinlein.

NK Jemisin, the guest of honour, made a timely and heartfelt speech which can be found here.

And we purchased some great books in the Dealers’Room from the very helpful Chuck McKenzie of Notions Unlimited Bookshop.

Altogether, it was a fantastic weekend