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Spreading the Word


Genre bookstore Notions Unlimited run by Chuck McKenzie needs some help. His bookstore is, sadly, looking at the very real possibility of closure in the near future.

Since opening its doors 20 months ago Chuck has worked hard to offer a great range of publications, provide a fantastic service and support the local speculative fiction community. Chuck himself has been involved in the community for over 15 years as an author, judge, reviewer and bookshop manager.

I’ve run into Chuck a couple of times at cons, and have been impressed by how friendly and helpful he has been. Chuck’s shop is in Chelsea, hours away from where I live, but Chuck was more than happy to search out a graphic novel for me, order it in, and send it to me.

Chuck is asking that those of us who are already customers spread the word with the aim of Notions Unlimited remaining in business and continuing to be a part of the local genre community.

Here is the address:

Shop 9, Chelsea Beach Arcade
426 Nepean Hwy
Chelsea VIC 3196

For those further away, like me, Chuck provides a postage service with many of their titles listed on their website.


If you can’t find the title you’re looking for, just phone or email. Chuck is more than happy to search out items for you.

Email: info@notionsunlimitedbookshop.com
Phone: (03) 9773-1102

It would be a shame to see this great bookshop fold.