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Zombie Convention

I don’t think I mentioned that I attended the inaugural Melbourne Zombie Convention a couple of months ago. How remiss of me. Anyway, it was a fabulous day.  I'd looked up the location of the venue before the day, but really I hadn’t needed to. All I did on arriving in the CBD of Melbourne was follow the zombies. Took me straight there.

The venue itself, the Royal Melbourne Hotel, was really fitting. Previously a police station, it was a comfortable and interesting environment, close to transport and cafes, and with a bar (what more could you ask for?).

The atmosphere of the convention itself was fun and friendly, and there was lots to do and see, lots of giveaways, and lots to purchase. I met Jason Fischer, author of the wonderful and challenging book of short stories Everything is a Graveyard, published by Ticonderoga Publications, as well as Russell B. Farr founder and co-runner of Ticonderoga Publications, and Liz Grzyb, co-runner of Ticonderoga Publications and editor of some wonderful anthologies including Dreaming of Djinns and Scary Kisses. And Chuck McKenzie of Notions Unlimited book shop was as helpful and informative as ever.

I’ll certainly be attending the next one.

2013-10-24 16.14.08