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Parch Anthology

My short story Shuttle Season, a SF story with a distinctly Australian flavour, is now available in the Triangulation anthology Parch, edited by Stephen V. Ramey. Described as a "strong collection of 20 original stories by today's up and coming writers", Parch is the latest edition of Parsec Ink's acclaimed anthology series and I'm very pleased to be a part of it.

Here's a taster:

The air was so dry furniture hollowed into brittle skeletons. Willy willies sent folding chairs flying into the bland blue sky and end tables rolling like tumbleweeds over endless expanses of desert, never to be seen again. Nowhere was more desolate than this piece of Australian outback and there were no people more suitable for inhabiting this inhospitable universe than we, all done without the luxury of a spacesuit and often without shoes. This was why the spaceport took so many of us. We would put up with conditions no self respecting urban dweller would stand for.