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There's nothing like a story acceptance to give you an extra boost over the holiday season.

I received an email last week from Keith Stevens, editor of couer de lion publishing, letting me know that my story Dark History has been accepted for publication in issue 4 of Dimension6, due out in March 2015.

Dimension6 is a relatively new free and DRM-free electronic magazine featuring fine original fiction and distributed three times a year, with each issue offering three new stories, and with an annual collection released at the end of the year.

Past issues, featuring Robert Hood, Steve Cameron, Cat Sparks, Dirk Strasser, Alan Baxter, Robert N Stephenson, Richard Harland, Charlotte Nash, and Jason Nahrung, can be downloaded free, and the annual collection is available at a very reasonable price. Livejournal is behaving very badly today, so I haven't been able to insert any links, but here is the couer de lion publishing website:


At almost 11, 000 words, Dark History is novelette length. Because of its length, a novelette can be harder to place, so I'm very pleased that Dark History has found a home, and such an excellent one at that. I'm really looking forward to reading issue 4 of Dimension6, as well as the other two issues due out in 2015.