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Siren Beat / Roadkill

I’ve just finished reading Siren Beat by Tansy Rayner Roberts and Roadkill by Robert Sherman published as a double by Twelfth Planet Press, and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Roadkill is the unsettling tale of a weekend away that stayed with me long after I finished it. And Siren Beat was an intriguing story of - well, sirens. Also featuring a sea pony. I was very impressed with the way Tansy managed to create liveable, breathable, fascinating characters so quickly – characters I’d like to read more about.

Siren Beat Roadkill

I ordered two publications from Twelfth Planet Press and, as they were posted together, Alisa Krasnostein kindly reduced the postage charges – the savings of which I will promptly put towards more Twelfth Planet Press publications! 

Tags: robert shearman, tansy rayner roberts, twelfth planet

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