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Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever

The extinct anthology, edited by Phoenix Sullivan, is due to come out later this month, so I thought I'd release a paragraph from my story that is included, A Dark Forest, to get the ball rolling:

"And lately the creature was being spotted everywhere. People saw it in paddocks and scrubland, on mountains, even in small, suburban backyards. Dream tigers leaping suddenly out of the island’s subconscious and, just as suddenly, being sucked back in again,disappearing immediately, covering all tracks. Most sightings, I noted, occurred at night. That made sense, I thought. The beast, after all, had been a nocturnal hunter. But, also, night is the time of shadows and dreams, the time of yearning. It has been seen on the mainland too, though it has been extinct there for 30 centuries. Resurrection is an effort of the imagination as much as anything."