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Old Red

I'm really pleased that my story Old Red has found a home in Ethereal Tales, the fantasy fiction zine. It's a fine magazine to read, and one of its aims is to provide a community for authors and artists in the fantasy genre. I've been putting some serious thought on where to send this story but none of the markets I was familiar with appeared to be quite right for it. Until I found Ethereal Tales, that is. The magazine seemed intriguing, as well as being a good match for the story I had written and, luckily, the editor Teresa Ford thought so too. Issue Eleven of Ethereal Tales, containing Old Red, should be out by late April. In the meantime, Teresa will be publishing some 'sneaky peeks' of the forthcoming issue, including a snippet of Old Red.
If you'd like to know more, check out the website.


Tags: ethereal tales, old red, teresa ford

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