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Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal

Tas devil charity 

From July 1st to 15th all proceeds from the anthology Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever are being donated to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Charity. There has been an average 80% decline in devil sightings across Tasmania from 1992-95 to 2003-06. The program aims to again see the Tasmanian Devil again thriving in the wild through population monitoring, disease diagnostics, wild management and an 'insurance program' - building a population of healthy devils that might eventually be released in to the wild. And, as a couple of the stories in the anthology feature Tasmanian creatures (including mine), we thought this would be a good charity to be involved with. Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever is available as an ebook from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble online. You don't need an ebook reader. If you have a computer you can download a Kindle app for free, and read ebooks that way. The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal can be found at  .

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