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Future Lovecraft Pre-Sale

It's here! Future Lovecraft is now available on pre-sale with a 20% discount.

FL cover

"Listen to the stars that whisper and drive a crew mad. Worship the Tloque Nahuaque as he overtakes Mexico City. Slip into the court of the King in Yellow. Walk through the streets of a very altered Venice. Stop to admire the beauty of the flesh-dolls in the window. Fly through space in the shape of a hungry, malicious comet. Swim in the drug-induced haze of a jellyfish. Struggle to survive in a Martian gulag whose landscape isn’t quite dead. But, most of all, fear the future."

Featured authors include: A.C. Wise, Nick Mamatas, Ann K. Schwader, Don Webb, Paul Jessup, E. Catherine Tobler, and more. The book also has four interior illustrations by Nacho Molina Parra and Chadwick Saint John, and a cover by German artist Markus Vogt. Its official launch is on December 3rd, just in time for Christmas.