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Free Stories


Today you can download the entire anthology Extinct Doesn't Mean Forever free from the Amazon Kindle store. This anthology, which I'm very proud to be part of, includes a heap of intriguing stories on the topic of extinction.

Both today and tomorrow you can download each of the 18 single stories for free, including my story, A Dark Forest.

"The thylacine itself resembled a baby rabbit more than anything. Its blind eyes, as opaque as peeled grapes, reminded me of my mother’s preserves. This animal was so young when it was taken that it had still been in its mother’s pouch. And now, long dead, it could yet become a mother itself. Imagine that, I thought, a mother who has never lived. It is the kind of thing you read about in the bible. It has to be a miracle, surely. The equal of the Immaculate Conception, almost." 

To find out more about the stories and authors, the blogs below are spotlighting their Extinct stories. You'll find some really good reading here.