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I Heart Dead Red Heart

There's been lots of love recently for that massive tome published by Ticonderoga Press, Dead Red Heart. Firstly, 16 writers out of the 33 were listed in Ellen Datlow's recently published Honorable Mentions for 2011 list - about 3.5% of the list. I'm not surprised. It's a great anthology, one of my favourites from 2011. Every story is a gem. And I'm doubly thrilled to find my own story, 'Listening to Tracy', on that list. Here are the rest of the mentioned authors from Dead Red Heart, and their stories.

Anderton, Joanne “The Sea at Night,” Dead Red Heart.
Baxter, Alan “Punishment of the Sun,” Dead Red Heart.
Brown, Simon “Thin Air,” Dead Red Heart.
Cavalchini, Damon “Renfield’s Wife,” Dead Red Heart.
Edwards, Jacob “Behind the Black Mask,” Dead Red Heart.
Fay, Joanna “Black Heart,” Dead Red Heart.
Gates, Raymond “The Little Red Man,” Dead Red Heart.
Hannett, Lisa L. White and Red in the Black,” Dead Red Heart.
Hanson, Donna Marie “The Life Stealer,” Dead Red Heart.
Ivanoff, George “Vitality,” Dead Red Heart.
Jensen, Patty “Quarantine,” Dead Red Heart.
Kempshall, Pete “All that Glisters,” Dead Red Heart.
Lawson, Chris “Apologetoi,” Dead Red Heart.
Mok, Anne “Interview with the Jiangshi,” Dead Red Heart.
Slatter, Angela “Sun Falls,” Dead Red Heart.
White, Jen “Listening to Tracy,” Dead Red Heart.

Congratulations to everyone.

But not only that, all 33 stories in Dead Red Heart have been reviewed in Black Static, the UK horror magazine. Here is what they said about 'Listening to Tracy':

In ‘Listening to Tracy’ by Jen White, a woman transcribing taped recollections by people who survived Cyclone Tracy’s assault on Darwin finds evidence of the existence of a vampire taking part in the rescue operation, but in doing so plunges her own life into danger, the story a clever and double pointed exercise in putting together the pieces.

 It's always interesting to see how others frame one of your stories. I'm also really pleased that Dead Red Heart is getting this attention. It's well deserved!

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