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So Much Water, So Much Sky

My story So Much Water, So Much Sky, has been accepted by publisher Sleeping Cat Books for their anthology Trip of a Lifetime, due to be published in December 2012. The idea of the story came to me as I was returning home from a funeral, driving through the countryside.  Some metaphors are so common, and so commonly used, that we take them for granted, but they’re common because they make sense, they resonate. And using the structure of a journey for a story felt so right to me I’m amazed I haven’t used it before.

“We have been trying to avoid the traffic so we’ve mostly been taking the back roads. We haven’t seen many people yet, just animals. Cows, fat, blank faced, ears up, trying to make sense of the world; lambs, clumsy and new, clinging close to their mothers; horses, running for the sheer release of energy, manes flying. I know these roads. I have driven along them, back and forth, many times over the years, with Mum and Dad, with friends, with Dan, but I have never before noticed how many of the hills have grave stones covering them. “

And yes, it is a work of speculative fiction.