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Lightning Captured

Paroxysm Press has recently released their anthology of 100 flash pieces, 100 lightnings, and I’ve now received my contributor copies. This publication has been quite the wait, but it’s been worth it. Just look at the contributor list below.
Fred Zackel
Shona Snowden
Sam Cooney
yt sumner
Allen Ashley
Ella Joseph
Jen White
Adam Walter
Martin Davey
Stephanie Gianopoulos
Chuck McKenzie
Aaron Polson
Jason Colavito
B. Michael Radburn
Martin Livings
Sam Drane
Rosaleen Love
Kaaron Warren
Rob Riel
Kim Goldberg
James Davies
Eugene Gramelis
Mark McAuliffe
Matthew Chrulew
Peter Dawncy
Emma Kathryn
Douglas Thompson
Mark Delaney
Mari Mitchell
Rob Parry
Blanket Barrowclough
R.H. Reese
J.G. Poulos
Steven Paulsen
Rick Kennett
Gitte Christensen
Harper Hull
Kev Webb
Stephanie Campisi
Robert Long
Mark Smith-Briggs
Michael Zerbe
Vicki Frei
Thomas Canfield
Paul Haines
Jenny Sinclair
C.S. Fuqua
Matthew R. Davis
Rijn Collins
Benjamin Kensey
Rick McQuiston
Deborah Sheldon
Ian C. Smith
Catherine Noske
Michelle Jager
Angela Readman
Raymond Gates
M. Winkler
Rod Cod
Jack Horne
Frank J. Collins
Sheri White
Daniel Powell
Jason Nahrung
Nicky Peacock
Sean Williams
Lucy Sussex
Angela Slatter
Joanne Anderton
Jessica Reisman
David Witteveen
M.K. Hobson
D.A. Cairns
Sean King (Cover Artist)
Greg Rich (Interior Artist)
Stephen Studach (Editor)

Twelfth Planet Press

I ordered two ebooks from Twelfth Planet Press recently, and the whole process was seamless, as it is every time with TPP. Such a different experience from many other ebook publishers and sellers. Thank you TPP!


The dimension6 annual collection 2015 is now available at the extremely reasonable price of 99 cents.

Product Details

Authors include Chris McMahon, Bren MacDibble, SG Larner, David McDonald, Jessica May Lin, Jason Fischer, Louise Katz, Steve Cameron and me.

Clunes Booktown Festival

Clunes Booktown Festival is coming up soon. I plan on attending the talk - scheduled for 3pm on Sunday 3rd May - by Dr David Waldron on Australia's Mystery Airship Scares. I feel a steampunk story coming on.


Dark History

Extremely delighted to have my novelette Dark History appearing in issue 4 of fine electronic magazine Dimension6. Also in this issue are Time Pump by Chris McMahon and Tooth by Bren MacDibble. The issue can be found here.


There's nothing like a story acceptance to give you an extra boost over the holiday season.

I received an email last week from Keith Stevens, editor of couer de lion publishing, letting me know that my story Dark History has been accepted for publication in issue 4 of Dimension6, due out in March 2015.

Dimension6 is a relatively new free and DRM-free electronic magazine featuring fine original fiction and distributed three times a year, with each issue offering three new stories, and with an annual collection released at the end of the year.

Past issues, featuring Robert Hood, Steve Cameron, Cat Sparks, Dirk Strasser, Alan Baxter, Robert N Stephenson, Richard Harland, Charlotte Nash, and Jason Nahrung, can be downloaded free, and the annual collection is available at a very reasonable price. Livejournal is behaving very badly today, so I haven't been able to insert any links, but here is the couer de lion publishing website:


At almost 11, 000 words, Dark History is novelette length. Because of its length, a novelette can be harder to place, so I'm very pleased that Dark History has found a home, and such an excellent one at that. I'm really looking forward to reading issue 4 of Dimension6, as well as the other two issues due out in 2015.

Parch Anthology

My short story Shuttle Season, a SF story with a distinctly Australian flavour, is now available in the Triangulation anthology Parch, edited by Stephen V. Ramey. Described as a "strong collection of 20 original stories by today's up and coming writers", Parch is the latest edition of Parsec Ink's acclaimed anthology series and I'm very pleased to be a part of it.

Here's a taster:

The air was so dry furniture hollowed into brittle skeletons. Willy willies sent folding chairs flying into the bland blue sky and end tables rolling like tumbleweeds over endless expanses of desert, never to be seen again. Nowhere was more desolate than this piece of Australian outback and there were no people more suitable for inhabiting this inhospitable universe than we, all done without the luxury of a spacesuit and often without shoes. This was why the spaceport took so many of us. We would put up with conditions no self respecting urban dweller would stand for.


Alan Baxter's Bound

I was so happy to see, during my general browse of one of the local bookshops, Alan Baxter’s new novel Bound. I was pleased to see the bookshop actually stocking the work of an Australian speculative fiction writer, but also pleased because I’ve read the first three chapters of this book and it’s a damned good read. I’m going to be purchasing a copy of Alan’s book as I’ve been wanting to read the rest of it, but I also want to let the bookshop know there is solid interest out there in Australian writers. I want to encourage them to stock more Australian writers and more speculative fiction. Next I’ll try to encourage them to move the speculative fiction section from way back in the far left corner to somewhere more accessible!

Bound 3D Cover 300x300 Photoshop competition for a signed copy of BoundBound 3D Cover 300x300 Photoshop competition for a signed copy of BoundBound 3D Cover 300x300 Photoshop competition for a signed copy of BoundBound 3D Cover 300x300 Photoshop competition for a signed copy of Bound Bound-3D-Cover-300x300

Continuum X - Coming Soon

I'm so looking forward to Continuum. It looks like a great programme this year, with something for everyone. I'll only be able to attend on the Sunday due to various logistics, but hope to make the most of it!



Ballarat, What a Wonderful Town

Seen earlier today in Ballarat: a person in an Elmo suit playing bagpipes.

Heard a little bit later today in Ballarat: the theme from Star Wars played on bagpipes.